Rio Terrace

Rio Terrace's perch on the north bank of the river valley provides spectacular views of the valley and Fort Edmonton Park, one of the City's most popular attractions. Most homes were built inthe 1960s, and all are single-family dwellings. The area includes a school, community league,church, and park, and residents enjoy easy access to retail and service businesses via the WhitemudFreeway. Rio Terrace has a high population over 50 years old, many of them long-timeresidents.

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  • 50 styles Split Level in Rio Terrace, July 12 2012
  • Tidy Rio Terrace street July 12 2012
  • Rio Terrace Church (Moravian Church) July 12 2012
  • Rio Terrace Church July 12 2012 Edmonton Aberta
  • Tidy 50's bungalow in Rio Terrace, Edmonton July 12 2012
  • Updated 50's bungalow, Rio Terrace July 12 2012
  • Colonial July 12 2012

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