Kiniski Gardens

Kiniski Gardens was named in honour of Polish-born Julia Kiniski (1899-1969), a dedicated local politician elected in 1963. She only the third women elected to council. Over the course of her ten unsuccessful bids at public office Kiniski became known as "Big Julie" and her election was said to have reinvigorated the public's interest in City Council. By 1971, a development plan had been prepared for the triangular shaped Neighbourhood by the City of Edmonton. In the late 1910s the southern portion of Kiniski Gardens formed part of the Edmonton Market Gardens.

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Recent Photos

  • Stink Bug - Banasa dimidiata (Pentatomidae, Pentatominae) 119z-9035237
  • Worm and Slug Hunter - Carabus maeander (Carabidae, Carabinae, Carabini) 119z-5269028
  • Bark Weevil - Cossonus sp. (Curculionidae, Cossoninae, Cossonini) 119z-6129737
  • Flat-footed Fly - Callomyia venusta (Platypezidae, Callomyinae) 119z-7090967
  • Cream-spotted Lady Beetle - Calvia quatuordecimguttata (Coccinellidae, Coccinellinae, Coccinellini) 119z-6300610
  • Pink Leafhopper - Gyponana sp. (Cicadellidae, Gyponinae) 119z-7212747
  • Pink Leafhopper Nymph - Gyponana sp. (Cicadellidae, Gyponinae) 119z-7152235
  • Jumping Spider (Salticidae) 119z-6089369

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