Dave Loken

Dave LokenDave was first elected in 2010 to represent the new Ward 3. Dave is building a more vibrant, livable and sustainable city by advocating for improved urban design, safer and more budget-conscious transportation choices, increased investment in neighbourhood infrastructure and building safer communities.</p><p>In October 2010 Dave was appointed as Council's representative on the Edmonton Salutes Committee. Edmonton Salutes promotes and recognizes our local military community contributions, both at home and abroad, toward world peace, security and stability.</p><p>In November 2010, Dave was appointed to the Edmonton Police Commission, as one of two City Councillors on the commission. The Edmonton Police Commission oversees the Edmonton Police Service (EPS), allocates funds provided by City Council, establishes policies for efficient and effective policing and ensures adequate staffing to carry out the functions of the EPS.</p><p>In January 2011, Mayor Mandel asked Dave to take a leading role in Edmonton's Food and Agriculture Project, a new initiative for the City. The goal of this new initiative is to encourage the growing community and business interest in supporting the local food economy. The aim is to focus this interest to help guide the city towards building a sustainable local food system in Edmonton.</p><p>Dave also serves on the Fort Edmonton Management Company. Dave is also one of the steering committee members for Donate-A-Ride, a community charitable initiative that assist clients, who are in crisis situations, on a short-term basis.</p><p>You can see Councillor Loken's <a href="http://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/city_organization/standing-committee-membership.aspx">membership on standing committees</a>, <a href="http://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/city_organization/council-member-appointments-to-boards.aspx#COUNCILLOR_DAVE_LOKEN">appointments to boards & committees</a>, and read more about <a href="http://www.edmonton.ca/city_government/city_organization/ward-3-dave-loken.aspx">his professional history</a>.</p>

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